National Bomb Pop Day – Making of a YouTube Video – Day 1

This was such a FUN photo shoot with the EduSkate Foundation and so many of the kids from Le Conte Middle School. It was the spark of the relationship between the EduSkate Foundation and Roth Stock Digital Media. We’re all so glad to have turned this single day into a long-term relationship. 🙂

Roth Stock Digital Media

A recent assignment for PR Newswire, shooting behind-the-scenes of the making of a YouTube video for Original Bomb Pop‘s National Bomb Pop Day on June 25 this year, made for an outrageous two days of filming.

Bomb Pop “Behind-the-Scenes” / Social Media Event Bomb Pop “Behind-the-Scenes” / Social Media Event

Working with YouTube stars Monica Church and Shelby Church, we spent the day basically … playing! 🙂

Bomb Pop “Behind-the-Scenes” / Social Media Event Brand ambassadors Zach and Katy with Shelby and Monica Church

My assignment was to shoot documentary-style, capturing beauty shots when possible, but staying more focused on the production rather than individuals. The main requirement, as with any time I shoot around video crews, was to be very aware of camera angles of the video crew … and stay the heck out of them! While my assignment is to shoot the “making of,” their assignment is to actually produce a commercial video for a national advertiser, Original Bomb Pop.

Bomb Pop “Behind-the-Scenes” / Social Media Event Director…

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