Our Vision

Le Conte Middle School in Hollywood, CA before we built the first permanent skate park on school a school campus.
Le Conte Middle School in Hollywood, CA before we built the first permanent skate park on a school campus.

By integrating skate culture into LAUSD public schools, the EduSkate Foundation will reach a population of students that has historically under-performed academically.

Feelings of disenfranchisement within their own communities have forced these students to take their skating off school campuses.

By harnessing the passion these students have for skating, the schools will see an increase in student participation and visibility at school, and a marked improvement in academic performance. In conjunction, students who have not yet been introduced to skateboarding will be exposed to the positive lessons this culture values: Independence, self-respect, respect for others, creativity, strong work ethic, perseverance, and achievement.

With all it has to offer, it is clear that skate culture has been on the fringes of our Los Angeles community for too long.

No More “No Skating!”

We hope to replace “No Skating” signs with skate parks to cultivate the positive lessons of skate culture in more middle school-aged children. Students will be given ownership of the park, and will be encouraged to join the skate crew.

The Cool Factor … and SWAG

The “cool factor” that skateboarding projects and the perks of being involved will draw kids to the project. Tickets to X-Games, professional manufactured skate demos, and free product giveaways are just a few bonuses the kids will receive by taking part.

Volunteerism and Education

There will be opportunities for students to volunteer to work at the park, organize fund raising events, design team logos and apparel, teach elementary school skaters new tricks, take photographs, edit video footage, or write articles about the park, and integrate skating into course work.

Science projects can incorporate the physics of skating. Math class can use skate ramps to explain geometric concepts like angles. Students can write about their experiences at the park for our Blog (yes, right here!) and include their photos and videos as well. They could also write for English class or college essays. Because of the wide range of ways that students can get involved in the skate park, there are opportunities for everyone, not just those gifted at skating.

Competitions and Recognition

For those students who are talented skaters, there will be opportunities to compete as a team and as individuals. For the skaters who excel, there is potential for sponsorship deals, and entrance into amateur national skate competitions. If the last Olympics was any indicator X game sports aren’t going anywhere, and skateboarding is set to be added to the summer games. America’s youth are the catalyst, leaders, and innovators of these new sports. Providing opportunities for students to develop skills in extreme games in schools is equally important to giving them the opportunity to play basketball or tennis, and infinitely more forward thinking.

Crime Prevention and Anti-Bullying

Focusing the efforts of students from different social groups and ability levels towards one central interest, the skate park, will bring students together in a new way. It will create a new harmony between groups of students who normally do not interact or get along. As a result, bullying will become less problematic.

Community Development and Youth Outreach

Giving students the option to be part of the skate crew will also provide these at-risk youth with an alternative to joining gangs. They will choose to be a part of skateboarding over beginning a life of drugs and violence. Their participation in school sponsored activities will reduce drop out rates for these fringe students.

This culture will be passed from class to class, and eventually generation to generation. As students, the young men and women involved in the program will be more likely to graduate and attend college. As adults, these young men and women will be more likely to give back to their communities that supported them through volunteering, political support, or financial donations.

EduSkate Partners with Roth Stock Digital Media


We LOVE to hear from skateboarders, at whatever skill level, from all over the world. Yes, we really read these, and respond!

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