Our Sponsors Get The Biggest Rewards Of All

Big Huge Smiles of Gratitude From Our Students … Yay! 😀

Our kids are just like any kids anywhere in the world. They love to have fun, and they love to receive SWAG!

We are so appreciative of the contributions from our sponsors below. Please support them. What we do would not be possible without their support.

We offer our sincere thanks to all.
— Greg, Lance, Saul and Lee

Spohn Ranch Skateparks Spohn Ranch Skateparks: What more can we say? We LOVE these guys! They built ours!!! 🙂

Spohn Ranch was proud to be the design/build partner for the Los Angeles Unified School District’s first designated skatepark. Over four years in the making, the park will become a valuable asset for the vulnerable youth of this neighborhood, as well as a huge step forward in LAUSD’s long term goal of a district-wide system of skateparks and skateboarding curriculum. … (May 31, 2013 – Grand Opening – FULL POST)

Spohn Ranch Skateparks
Spohn Ranch was proud to be the design/build partner for the Los Angeles Unified School District’s first designated skatepark.

Woodcraft RangersSCALE: Opening their doors in Los Angeles in 1922, today the Woodcraft Rangers’ community outreach and development programs are so vast in scope, it’s not possible to condense it here! Suffice it to say, the people at Woodcraft Rangers have been invaluable to us. (learn more at Woodcraft Rangers)

Youth Policy Institute

MISSION: The Youth Policy Institute transforms Los Angeles neighborhoods using a holistic approach to reduce poverty by ensuring families have access to high quality schools, wrap-around education and technology services, enabling a successful transition from cradle to college and career. (read more at the Youth Policy Institute)

LA's Promise

MISSION: Our mission is to graduate every student attending an LA’s Promise neighborhood school college and career ready. (read more at LA’s Promise)

Carver Skateboards

HISTORY: It all started one quiet summer in Venice, California in 1995. Greg Falk and Neil Carver had been surfing all winter, and were pumped to surf the warmer waters of the Breakwater during the long days of summer, but it was as flat as a puddle. Not even a longboard ripple to justify getting wet. So, like the many generations before them, they took to the streets with skateboards in search of hills to surf. (read more at Carver Skateboards)

Diamond Supply Co.

HISTORY: Diamond Supply Co. was founded in 1998 when Nicholas Tershay (aka Nick Diamond) created a skateboarding hardware line from his humble one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. (read more at Diamond Supply Co.)



W.R.O.N.G. World Riders on New Ground Inventing New Challenges (also referred to as “W.R.O.N.G. INC” or the “Company”) is a Skateboard brand based in Hollywood, California.

W.R.O.N.G.’s mission is to spread the message of going “BIG,” inventing new challenges and creating common ground with core individual riders along the way.


The Quiet Life

ABOUT THE QL: Andy Mueller was raised in the mid-west on a healthy diet of BMX, skateboarding, music and magazines. At an early age, Andy became addicted to the art of image making and photo taking. In 1993, Andy founded OhioGirl Design, a small design/photo/film studio. In 1997, Andy started “The Quiet Life” with a few friends from within OhioGirl. (read more at The Quiet Life)


Pharmacy Boardshop

ABOUT: Pharmacy Boardshop, originally established in 1997, currently operates eight retail locations throughout Southern California in addition to two locations in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the past 17 years Pharmacy has established itself as one of the premiere skate shops on the West Coast, hand picking exclusively distributed brands to create a one of a kind store. (read more at Pharmacy Boardshop)

Creative Fire Clay Studio

ABOUT: Creative Fire is a studio that specializes in providing quality three dimensional arts programs to elementary schools through out Los Angeles. Founded twelve years ago by ceramic artists Rich Mudge and Joanne Horton, Creative Fire has developed a potent, creative, and fun after school curriculum that supplements the education of grades K-5. Creative Fire is deeply committed to arts and education. (read more at Creative Fire)

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Elemental Awareness FoundationABOUT: The mission of Elemental Awareness is to educate and inspire young people to develop self-esteem, social and environmental awareness and the tools to lead successful lives. Elemental Awareness is founded upon the belief that a person can positively impact their world through an active involvement in their passions. By using our programs as the vehicle, we aim to encourage confidence and instill the realization that it is possible to be successful in life by doing what you love. (read more at Elemental Awareness)

Life Rolls OnABOUT: Life Rolls On is a nonprofit organization creating freedom beyond paralysis. Established in 2002, our adaptive sports programs, THEY WILL SURF AGAIN and THEY WILL SKATE AGAIN, have grown into an annual tour attracting people of all ages and abilities … from all over the world.  (read more at Life Rolls On)


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