We need your help!

One of the most exciting things we are looking forward for school year 2015-16 is adding the story contributions of our student skateboarders to the EduSkate Foundation blog, complete with their photos and videos. Stay tuned!


We appreciate the efforts of so many and welcome newcomers to our team. An acknowledgement page is in the works for this website. Have you volunteered for one of our events? We want your stories, photos and videos too! Use the contact page to submit your story and we’ll send you a Dropbox link to upload your photos and videos. Greg Delger himself will select those to be included in the blog! (We’ll have an inquiry form for new volunteers in the very near future.)

* More information will be posted very soon. Thank you for your patience while we build out our new website and fully test the backend.

We LOVE to hear from skateboarders, at whatever skill level, from all over the world. Yes, we really read these, and respond!

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