Who’s On Board?

Greg Delger, Founder and President

Then Councilman Eric Garcetti and Greg Delger
Then Councilman Eric Garcetti and Greg Delger

Greg is an educator with over twenty years of experience in supporting special education students and high risk students in and out of the classroom setting. He has served as a role model/teacher in the community of Hollywood as the founder of the Le Conte MS skateboard program for over thirteen years where he has focused on gang intervention, event planning, community outreach, and fundraising.

Over the years, Greg has developed deep meaning relationships with the office of Eric Garcetti, Kaiser, LAUSD, and the CRA/LA. Greg is a firm believer in education with his B.A from CSUN as well as a double master in education. Most recently, returning back to CSUN to complete his Master’s degree in leadership and administration and an authorized certificate to work with children that have Autism.

Lance Bowling, Executive Director

Lance Bowling Attends Life Rolls On
Lance Bowling Attends Life Rolls On “They Will SKATE Again”

As founder of Play On Pixels, Lance brings his over 15 years expertise in advertising, project management and digital communications consulting to EduSkate Foundation. As an astute entrepreneur he readily identifies opportunities and develops resources to open new channels.

At the EduSkate Foundation, Lance works with major brands and companies to develop sponsorship opportunities, as well as harness social media framework to drive new types of engagement. A native Angelino, he received his Business Administration degree at California Lutheran University.

Saul Chorro Co-Founder Director of Special Projects

Saul Chorro, Superhero
“Saul Chorro, Superhero – Helping Kids and Fighting Crime” Photo courtesy of Joanne Young

Saul Chorro has been working with teens for over thirteen years in churches, schools, clubs, and in the secular world. Saul has served as a mentor for kids who want to achieve their academic dreams and truly believes in EduSkate Foundation as a solution.

Saul has committed a majority of his time organizing fundraising events and producing many events for different organizations throughout the Hollywood community. He has a deep understanding of computers and is very knowledgeable in technology. His skills go beyond technical production, which allows him to bring a different level of assurance that every event will be successful.

Most recently, Saul has worked together with individuals who are passionate about building skate parks. Saul is very pleased to be working with the EduSkate Foundation since it allows him to complete his dream to bring exciting and energetic options to inner city kids.


We LOVE to hear from skateboarders, at whatever skill level, from all over the world. Yes, we really read these, and respond!

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