About the EduSkate Foundation

Greg Delger and New Graduates
Greg Delger and New Graduates

The EduSkate Foundation strives to improve public education for America’s youth by emphasizing student engagement with innovative, extra-curricular skateboarding programs. By constructing skate parks on public schools, the EduSkate Foundation improves academic performance by engaging at-risk students, fostering school involvement, and integrating skate culture into curriculum. This results in higher graduation rates, better test performance, decrease in gang and drug involvement, and safer communities. Read more about the EduSkate Foundation.

Le Conte Middle School

Spohn Ranch Skateparks
Spohn Ranch was the design/build partner for our first skatepark.

Going back to 2004, Greg Delger saw a need for innovative extra-curricular programs at Le Conte Middle School in Hollywood California. After witnessing many of his students fall prey to drugs, violence, gangs and dropping out of school, Greg decided to take action and harness the sport of Skateboarding to offer an alternative to at risk students.


One of our very happy students!
One of our very happy students!

The EduSkate Foundation evolved from a call to action on our Blog. The Le Conte MS Skate Program was in dire straits and in need of insurance to continue. We had the local city of Hollywood behind us and now had to seek local media to shed some light on our cause. Through the power of local cable, the EduSkate Foundation ignited and gained local attention by empowering resources to come forward in order to “fight the good fight.”


We LOVE to hear from skateboarders, at whatever skill level, from all over the world. Yes, we really read these, and respond!

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