Le Conte MS Successfully Wraps Up Skateboarding at Lunch

Thirty minutes is never enough in the world of skateboarding and video games. However, those who made the grades reaped the benefit of riding at lunch and escaping screen time. Student Skaters/Scholars are filming some clips,kicking some flips, and respecting who rips. Friendships are strengthened and new goals are set weekly during the lunch skate activity.


The classroom becomes a part time skate shop as product is earned, swapped, and recycled for new riders. Students are smiling and communicating their stoke and asking if all the schools skate at lunch. Not yet!


Every opportunity to ride and exercise is what is important for us. Giving students the time to vibe for 30 min. in the skate zone captures the culture of the sport and let’s the young riders smile, have fun, and simply be themselves.


Young ladies are cruising through the designated skate area sharing their latest shoe fashion, creating a bond, and engaging in daily conversation. This is a space/skatespot for skaters to be who they are. Always pushing, looking for the next spot to skate, shoes to wear, and backpacks that reflect who they are.

May the new year be even greater as the push is to reopen the Le Conte Skatepark. Nothing is easy and every effort is made for those who ride to have a safe place at school to skate.



We LOVE to hear from skateboarders, at whatever skill level, from all over the world. Yes, we really read these, and respond!

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