Skateboarding Begins During Lunch at Le Conte MS in Hollywood, Ca.

Mr. Delger continues to push for the reopening of the Le Conte Skatepark.

Le Conte MS Skateboard Club

This is a “win win” first step for Le Conte MS and a big step for any school in the country to provide a space for the student/skaters.

pixlr_20190315140520024All you need are donated helmets, a teacher willing to sponsor a skateboard club, and a space the size of a tennis court.20190311_142956.jpgThen you have a place for skaters to embrace their identity at school and share their passion with those who endure traditional sports. IMG_20190313_091323_681.jpgSkateboarding at lunch is based on providing an incentive that focuses on respectful behavior and showing improvement. Therefore, No Fails and you are riding your skateboard for 30 minutes of exercise two days a week. More improvement will increase student/skater incentives. At Le Conte MS in Hollywood this will lead to skatepark repairs, a summer program, and skateboard demos that showcase the best in the world and product for days from the top companies in the game.20190311_073855.jpg

As a result, the new fight is for the space! A place during lunch for skaters to showcase their flat ground tricks, share their love of skateboarding shoes, exercise, make new friends, and participate in the Olympic sport of Skateboarding.

We LOVE to hear from skateboarders, at whatever skill level, from all over the world. Yes, we really read these, and respond!

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