Big Shout Out To W.R.O.N.G. For Delivering The Fresh Product For Over Ten Years

Year after year W.R.O.N.G has extended a hand of kindness to Le Conte skaters/scholars.  Together we strive to bring the best out of our students through the common link of skateboarding.  Old School meets New School in the world of skateboarding and education with the ultimate goal of RESPECT.

Looking forward to encouraging more young riders to reach higher and do their best in the 2019 school year and receive the greatest of incentives.


W.R.O.N.G. continues to believe in the opportunity to provide hope and encouragement for young skaters. Bonds are created when teachers reward students for a job well done, good grades, or a change in behavior. Encouraging students to be a better person through the sport of skateboarding is always the most important objective. Special bonds as well as a greater understanding is shared in regards to where they skated over summer and where they are riding on the weekends.


As a result, relationships and product from W.R.O.N.G. provides leverage for teachers to reach some of the most at-risk.  Hope is instilled in skaters/scholars and credibility is granted to the teacher.  In addition, organically this grows each year reaching a good 20 to 25 skaters/scholars.


Finally, the dream is to reach more skaters/students through more school communities, while influencing administration that the benefits far outweigh the risk of skateboarding.

We LOVE to hear from skateboarders, at whatever skill level, from all over the world. Yes, we really read these, and respond!

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