Back To School 2015

There is no better way to end summer then to look forward to the first EduSkate Foundation Le Conte Skate Club Event. That is right!  The “Stuff A Pack” event is here and it is time to invite our friends from Diamond, Quiet Life, W.R.O.N.G, and Carver out to the Le Conte Skatepark for a skateboard demonstration. In addition, our special friend Jesse Swalley and his crew will return to inspire our students.

Adaptive athlete Jesse Swalley performs at the Life Rolls On "They Will SKATE Again" Demonstration
Adaptive athlete Jesse Swalley performs at the Life Rolls On “They Will SKATE Again” Demonstration

We are super excited to greet our new class of skaters and anticipate a year of ripping, good grades, and several skate product rewards for responsible academic behavior.  We are so grateful to our sponsors for donating amazing product that keeps our students on the right educational path.

Diamond Supply Co,     The Quiet Life     WRONG Skate     Carver Skateboards

Stay tuned to hear more from our returning Le Conte Skate Club Elemental Awareness campers. Their great academic work and focus of culmination earned them a special all expenses paid week at skate camp. Who will be the next academic rider to rise above and receive a scholarship to skate camp? How about YOU?!

We LOVE to hear from skateboarders, at whatever skill level, from all over the world. Yes, we really read these, and respond!

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