Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

I am starting to see the light shining bright at the end of the tunnel. The ink is beginning to dry. I have a feeling that the holidays are going to bring a great gift to the skaters of Hollywood, the first permanent LAUSD skatepark at Le Conte MS. One thing is for certain, even though insurance has been an issue, all stakeholders involved now realize that the benefits far out weight the risks. Fifty teenage students skating after school is better than fifty students having no place to skate and nothing but idle time on their hands.

With any innovative project, there are always numerous “what ifs” to wade through before reaching the final goal. The challenges we have faced through the Eduskate project have been well worth the final result. There is excitement in the air at Le Conte, as the students await their skate park. I am struck by how far we’ve come and feel a rush of excitement realizing how far Eduskate is going to take these students.

This project has been an amazing trial of patience, dedication, and team work. So many great people have come forward to support this project and so many more people are ready to stand behind Eduskate as we move forward to provide positive choices for school districts and their skateboard population.

Good things come to those who wait!

– Greg Delger {founder}

We LOVE to hear from skateboarders, at whatever skill level, from all over the world. Yes, we really read these, and respond!

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